Awetest 2.5.1 Release Notes

Release Date: July 2015


  • Awetest 2.5.1 requires a Red Hat Linux v 5 or later or Ubuntu 12.04 or later.
  • Min. Server requirements are 4 Gb or Ram and 100 Gb of Disk Space.
  • Shamisen 2.5.1 for Windows requires Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Shamisen 2.5.1 for Mac Requires OS X 10.7 or later.
  • Admin/Root Access is required on Shamisen Client Machine.
  • Shamisen Machines should have at least 4 Gb of Ram (8Gb Recommended)


  • Template Jobs: Create Templates and reuse for future use
  • In-App Variable Key:Value Pairs: You can define Key:Value pairs directly in Awetest for use in the Scripts
  • “Services” Module: For Testing SOAP, REST, Web Services
  • Features at project level
  • Options to include/exclude predefined libraries for specific test cases
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