Awetest 2.5 Release Notes

Release Date: April 2015

This document lists all of the new features, enhancements, and visible changes included in the Awetest 2.5 release.


  • Awetest 2.5 requires a Red Hat Linux v 5 or later or Ubuntu 12.04 or later.
  • Min. Server requirements are 4 Gb or Ram and 100 Gb of Disk Space.
  • Shamisen 2.5 for Windows requires Windows 7 or 8
  • Shamisen 2.5 for Mac Requires OS X 10.7 or later.
  • Admin/Root Access is required on Shamisen Client Machine.
  • Shamisen Machines should have at least 4 Gb of Ram (8Gb Recommended).




  • Test Case specific Assets: Option to limit assets (libraries, data) for a given test case and/or share assets across multiple Test Cases. 
  • Report Notes: Adding custom Comments for specific validations on Awetest Reports
  • Commenting/uncommenting of code in browser script editor
  • Burst Mode: Ability to launch a single job across multiple OS-Browser combinations in Parallel. 
  • Debug option at Run Time (performance)
  • Uploading and downloading of project assets, libraries
  • Caching for Reports and Jobs page
  • "All" tab in Worker Environment on New Web Jobs page to specify All Operating systems


  • mApp Appium-JUnit Support
  • mWeb Support for Appium
  • ALM Integration EnacementsffTestRun should have a comment with link to the test report
  • ALMTestRun should have the value of duration
  • Enable/disable PDF generation on ALM sync
  • ALM Integration support for "Services" Module


  • Re-architect Shamisen/Log Submission mechanism to provide significant performance and throughput improvement
  • Shamisen doesn’t require Admin Rights (but recommended) 
  • Shamisen-Awetest version compatibility check
  • Windows Shamisen installer to support installation to any directory (without spaces)
  • Windows Shamisen if Android Devices are not connected kill the workers (don't show the device as available on Awetest)
  • Shamisen app changes: Remember me button, auto scroll to the bottom in logs tab, Shamisen info page, Info and Logs tab moved under More button
  • Shamisens & Devices should only stay registered on Awetest for 90 seconds after they should disconnect/die
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