Compiling/Building an Android App

Create a new folder on your C drive called Calabash

Using Google's Notepad app for example purposes, download the archive here:


Extract the archive and find the folder called NotePad.  Move this folder to the newly created folder called Calabash. Your folder structure will look like this:


1.    Open up your Android project in Eclipse.


When you start Eclipse you will see a prompt asking where your workspace is located.  Assign your workspace to C:/Calabash/



Go to  File > Import to import the Notepad project.



Select Existing Projects into Workspace.


Click ‘Browse’ and go to the NotePad folder under C:/Calabash/

Click ‘OK’ then ‘Finish’.



2. To build your Android app to an emulator or device, open Eclipse to your project. Navigate to the bin folder and open the NotePad.apk file.



Click the Run icon and run of the apk file.


Select Android Application and press ‘OK’ when this prompt comes up


3. Now open command window, Navigate to the bin directory and run

$ calabash-android build [apk_file]


This should create a folder called test_servers and have an apk file in there – that is the test server the automation script uses to talk to the android app.


4.    Run the command

$ calabash-android gen




You should now have a newly created folder with all the needed files.  Using a text editor you can edit each file to begin writing your test cases.

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