Awetest Recorder Basics

Awetest Recorder In-Browser

We’ve never been big fans of record & playback for a variety of reasons. But after numerous requests from customers, we’ve actually warmed up to the idea of building our own recorder for recording automated tests! Instead of being used as an end-to-end automation solution (as it has been used in a variety of different organizations, much to our dismay!), we found the best use of the recorder to be for:

-Quick prototypes

-Identifying DOM Elements

-Getting a jumpstart on the Syntax of the various technologies (Watir WebDriver, Selenium, Cucumber, Awetestlib)

Getting Started:

The Awetest Recorder is a simple Firefox plugin that can be found at

Awetest Recorder Add-on Download

Once the plugin is downloaded, the recorder can be accessed by clicking on the Awetest symbol located at the bottom right of your browser:

Awetest Recorder (Not Recording)

Awetest Recorder (Recording)

Once enabled, the Awetest Recorder will start converting your interactions into script within the recorder.

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 1.02.11 PM

Multi-platform Support/Direct Awetest Integration
The Awetest Recorder provides support for multiple different platforms, including Awetest, Watir, Selenium-WebDriver, and Cucumber. This form of integration gives you the ability to record automated testing scripts simultaneously for each platform. The scripts can be saved and exported to any of their corresponding platforms. As a result of this, any script recorded with the Awetest Recorder can be uploaded directly into your own Awetest test cases, allowing you to go from recording to testing as quick as possible.

Saving a script in Recorder

Simple and Intuitive Interface
The Awetest Recorder couldn’t be any easier to use. After clicking on the Awetest backslashes to enable recording, you can right click on the same button to pull up the interface. The recorder will read “is recording…” next to the Awetest logo, as seen below.

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 4.46.27 PM

Once recording, your actions (such as clicking on a link, entering text, etc.) are logged as scripts that can be executed through the variety of languages that the scripts are recorded in. As mentioned earlier, saving the script is as simple as hitting the SAVE button in the top right of the recorder, allowing you to use the code for anything from identifying the DOM elements to actually executing the script.

Cucumber Recording in Awetest

The Awetest Recorder is a multifaceted tool that we know will provide value as you integrate it into your automation process. We’ve shown you the basics; now get creative and let us know how you’ve utilized the Awetest Recorder!


Below we have a quick video demonstrating everything discussed about the Awetest Recorder, including a walk through of the download process-



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