What are the different Open Source Technologies Awetest Supports?

Awetest is a Software Test Automation Application that supports the management, execution and reporting of automated tests/scripts in a variety of different open source technologies. The technologies supported/used vary across the different modules:

  • Web (Cross-Browser): Watir, Watir-WebDriver, Selenium WebDriver, Sikuli, Awetestlib, Cucumber.  Please note that Awetestlib & Cucumber both 'wrap' around Watir WebDriver so ultimately it is WebDriver that is driving the browser.


  • mWeb (iOS & Android Mobile Browser): Cucumber w/ WebDriver. Again we use Cucumber to extract out the code/complexity required to build direct WebDriver scripts.  As a result some/all of your Cucumber Web script can be used with mWeb module.


  • mApp (iOS & Android Native & Hybrid Apps): Calabash,Appium. Calabash and Appium use Cucumber as the scripting 'language'.

Some of the other technologies that we're currently testing internally to integrate on Awetest:  Appium (mWeb, mApp), UI Automator (mApp-Android), Robotium (mApp-Android), KIF (mApp-iOS).  Also - we continue to continually look for new Open Source Technologies that are promising for future test automation needs.

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